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Morematt is an innovative material that incorporates nanotechnology to achieve the typical properties of plastic laminates while also reaching high technical and aesthetic standards.  Its matt surface with very low reflectivity is soft and silky with a tactile sensation that sets it apart from all the traditional decorative materials.  Its structural quality and visual impact make it a unique, innovative material, while the colour range and comprehensive choice of formats provide great creative flexibility.

Thanks to its special composition, Morematt’s surface is highly resistant to wear and tear, especially from fingerprints and scratches, and it is certified resistant to dry heat, moist heat, light and low temperatures.  It is also antibacterial, phenol-free and has been tested and certified as Class A+ for volatile-substance emissions.

Morematt is perfect for use in both horizontal and vertical surfaces and in particularly harsh environments.  It is available in thin sheets 0.8mm including as a post formable material or as thick 12mm self-supporting panels and is easy to work with.

 Main properties

Resistant to scratching, abrasion and heat

  • Resistant to dry heat
  • Resistant to fingerprints
  • Soft touch
  • Unaffected by steam
  • Stable when exposed to light
  • Resistant to stains, and to domestic solvents and reagents


Arvic Laminates can provide you with all your laminate, bench top and door enquiries for your next project being either DYI or architecturally designed.
We also stock a range of hardware including hinges, adhesives, handles etc to help with your project.
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